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Gorilla Bail Bonds, LLC


Gorilla Bail Bonds, LLC has been operational since 2010. Formerly known as Calderon Bail Bonds, LLC, the agency has established a trusted working community relationship by providing honorable service. Our primary working field is within the Surety Bail Bonds arena. We are licensed by the Connecticut Insurance Department and can execute bail bonds at any police department, jail or court all across the State of Connecticut. We have various bail members in our agency and are always looking to expand our bail team.

Surety Bail Agent


Mr. Eddie Calderon is the main operational bail bondsman of Gorilla Bail Bonds, LLC. He has been in the bail business for over 7 years and has a high level of customer service experience. From an educational perspective, Mr. Calderon has an associates degree in criminal justice and another in social services from Capital Community College. He also has a Bachelors Degree in the Science of Criminology from Central Connecticut State University. Calderon is the ideal individual for managing Gorilla Bail Bonds, LLC.


Our Mission as a Bail Bonding Agency is to offer the best possible service under the circumstances. To be understanding with our clients and offer possitive directions following the posting of a bail. At last, to be informative and honest about the release expectations thereby creating community trust.