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The Basics of CT Bail Bonding

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Bail Bonds Related Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is Premium?
A: Premium is the state regulated rate that we charge for a bail bond. There are two equations used to determine a premium. One uses a 10% calculation and the other %7. Need more clarification? Use our Bail Premium Calculator for an easy way to calculate bonding premium.

Q: What is Collateral?
A: Collateral for the purposes of bail bonds, could be money or a physical property like real estate. A Bail Agency can request that additional money, apart from the premium be given in order to execute bail. Property is usually evaluated based on available equity. All money held for Collateral is returnable upon successfull completion of court requirements. There is more to how collateral works!

Q: Why are Co-Signer(s) needed?
A: Co-signer(s) are needed in order to authorize the bondsman to execute the bond. It gives the bail agency a sense of security to have responsible signers. And yes! You are liable as a signer for any unpaid premium or if defendants skips court. You can find yourself in civil court.

Q: Who is the Defendant?
A: A defendant for this purpose, is the person locked up needing bail.

Q: What if I don't appear in Court?
A: Don't, and there will be a re-arrest ordered by the court. There could be a new bond added and Bail Enforcement Agents will be looking for you! There is no positive outcome for not going to court as scheduled. Make sure to appear!

Q: Why so many questions to post a bond?
A: Agencies need to measure the risk! A Bondsman may only do a bond he/she feels is secured. Liability on a bond is always greater than the potential profit.

Q: Bondsmen really work 24/7?
A: Yes! On call 24 hours 7 Days a week. Including Holidays!

Q: How long do I have to pay my balance?
A: Is up to the bondsman, but for sure not more than 15 months from the date of bond out. Exceed that time frame and you will find yourself in Civil court defending yourself from a small claims action. Have more Questions? Call now 860.951.2880 and ask for Eddie Calderon. Free Bail Advise and no obligation!